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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little things .....that make life easier

My new bag!!!!

it has 6 pockets inside and this bag just seems to work.... I've never been able to get pockets organized and keep them that way. This one I can.The pockets are nice and big, I slip my hand in and feel what things are in there and then I just continue around the circle till I feel the right items. I use it as my take everywhere bag... on Sundays it gets turned into my Sunday-bag.
One pocket is designated to be the snack pocket (always) with fruit snack and granola bars.... I always run into the problem of grumpy little girls, and this has helped SO MUCH.
A gal at church had these... she'd made them, I borrowed the pattern... I just need to get is traced and then give her back the pattern. Oh and they are reversible :o)

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