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Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Glorious Creating!

I have finally been finishing some of all my projects.
Now if my camera would magically appear, I could show them to you (working on that).

I finished the drape to hang on my side of the bed, and got it hung (now I just need to make one for Elm's side.... so maybe in another 3 years?!?!)
Got 3 shirts made for the girls, have 3 more to go, but they each got to wear one to church yesterday and they were very excited.
Made a quick skirt before leaving for church so Rhiannon could be presentable.
Hemmed the edges of my hook rag rug so it would stop fraying and it is now at the foot end of my bed (needs just a few little trips added, but it's usable....I started this I would guess abt 15 years ago).
Made flower clips for the girls hair and beautiful headbands loaded with flowers.

I'm I nearing the bottom of my to sew pile, nope. Do I feel like I got a lot done? YES!
I will work on finding my camera, as pictures are so much nicer.

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