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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Cream Separator and Butter Churn

So why would we want to spend our tax return money on all these silly farm things?
Well, Goats milk doesn't naturally separate, so to get the cream off the milk, it needs to be run through a separator. So here's the one we got http://www.hoeggergoatsupply.com/xcart/product.php?productid=4467&cat=142&page=1

the first time I ran it, there was this weird smell like something burning. found out part of the thing had melted due to some defect. But I called them and THEIR COSTUMER SERVICE IS GREAT.
A fellow called me back trying to find out what had happened, then said they'd send me a new base and gave me his name and number if I ever had any trouble with it again.

My butter churn, oh the fun of making butter and getting a good work out in the process. We got the hand powered one, which makes for a good evening activity while watching a movie with the kids.


I really like Hoegger. They have so many nice things there.
No I'm not being paid by them to advertise, I just feel that when someone has a good product, they should get the credit for it.
so here is the product of our investment.If I separate cream morning and evening after milking and put the cream in the freezer... for a week. This is what I get: 5 beautiful sticks of butter
Which is about how much butter we use in a week. Pretty neat huh?!?!?

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